Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Loops in a Gimli box office

In tribute to Marina Abramović's promise of a certificate in exchange for feats of protracted art consumption, we at the Institute would like to offer a similar incentive to residents of and visitors to Manitoba this weekend, as It's Nick's Birthday (our "indie-rock opera in traditional DIY style") plays on a loop in the box office of the Gimli Film Festival.

WHAT: Its Nicks Birthday @ Gimli Film Festival
Festival Box Office, 66 1st Ave, Gimli, Manitoba (on the corner of 1st and Goldfield Drive)
WHEN: On loop, 24th-28 July, 10am-8pm

While I personally would consider a ten hour marathon of our short Super-8 musical to be reward in itself, the Institute's Office of Certification, Incentives and Coercion have created a limited edition carbon-derivative certificate to be awarded to each of the first 250 festival-goers who provide evidence that they have spent an entire day watching the film, at the venue on the banks of Lake Winnipeg. At my insistence, the OCIC have allowed for this to include a fifteen minute lunch break, to be taken in installments only during periods when the credits are rolling. All claims to be sent to the usual address.

Right-click save to download the festival brochure (pdf)

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