Monday, 13 January 2014

Away In A Sand Dune: free UNIVERSAL EAR ebook

"Hour for hour, I spend more time on the brink of death than I do on the toilet."

The script of the UNIVERSAL EAR Christmas special Away In A Sand Dune is now available to download as a free ebook.

In this stage adaptation of a classic chapter from Harley Byrne’s memoirs, our hero takes a holiday from work but crash-lands on a tropical island on Christmas Eve. The natives’ carols sound oddly familiar, but when Byrne interferes, the island’s corrupt king condemns him to be eaten to death.

Of interest, perhaps, to those looking for a 'comedy' play to produce next Christmas. Do get in touch.

Below, the trailer, and Elly Strigner's fine cover art.

Elly Strigner Away In A Sand Dune cover