Thursday, 12 August 2021

Letters from the Ends of the World in Sarajevo

Mr Cole has contributed a cinematic letter from quarantine to a new omnibus feature film from the Bistrik7 collective - and it will premiere as it opens the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Sarajevo is a particularly beloved city to the filmmakers of Bistrik7, as they are united in having graduated as the first generation from Béla Tarr's film.factory in that very city. Mr Cole has also had the pleasure and the privilege of screening It's Nick's Birthday and Amateri at the festival in previous years.

Mr Cole will be in town to present the movie with his colleagues on the opening night.

The film is called Letters from the Ends of the World.

EVENT: Letters from the Ends of the World at 27th Sarajevo Film Festival.
PROGRAM: Special Screening (Opening Night Film)

WHERE: Summer ScreenHamdije Kreševljakovića, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
WHEN: Friday 13th August, 2021, 21:15
COST: 9.00 KM
NOTES: Opening night film. Four filmmakers in attendance, including Mr Cole.

Additional screenings:

WHEREMeeting PointHamdije Kreševljakovića 13, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
WHEN: Sunday 15th August, 2021, 15:00
COST: 6.50 KM, 7.50 KM, 10.00 KM

WHERE: Cineplexx Sarajevo 1, Zmaja od Bosne 4, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
WHEN: Thursday 19th August, 2021, 12:30
COST: 7.00 KM, 8.00 KM