Old McHale's Mantelpiece Cinema

 "What strength the mantelpiece that holds zombies, spacemen, lovers and murderers!"*
A pocket cinema located deep within the residential zone of the Zoomcitta adjunct.
A Guide to Mantelpiece Cinema Etiquette:

1. There is a suggested entry fee donation of £1 to the Bulb Fund. This is highly optional and McHale's-goers won't be asked in person, but the jar will be left imposingly on the cheese table for contributions.The bulb fund covers:
  • Eventual replacement of damnably expensive projector bulb
  • General maintenance & raw power
  • Acquisition of obscure titles
  • Payoffs to the BBFC
  • Alimony to Mrs McHale

2. It is considered gauche to ask for the things of the mantelpiece to be moved unless they are obscuring the subtitles.

3. Programme requests, suggestions & packages are encouraged. If you would like to 'put a night on', please discuss with the management. Show & Tell and live testimony form a vital part of the McHale's ritual.

4. It's a big cheese table and it isn't going to fill itself.

The OMMC relaunches in August 2011 thanks to a massive investment in crude light by the mis-managing partners, Mr. Cole & Prof. Latham. If you would like to offer your film for exhibition, please contact Mr Cole via this blog.

A mention should be made of Jonathan X. Tipler who co-founded the original McHale's but absconded to Europe following a complete technical meltdown. Several cheeses that went missing from the McHale's kitchens at around this time have yet to be accounted for.

Your discretion in all matters is appreciated.

*Please do not climb on the mantelpiece.


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