Thursday, 26 April 2018

Amateri in Tallinn

Amateri, or The Lost Innocents will play at Station To Station International Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia next week. The festival looks amazing and you are encouraged to attend even if you find the Institute's work to be generally appalling.

WHERE: Saal 2, Artis Cinema, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia
WHEN: Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 20.30
COST: €4.90
NOTES: "Station To Station is a gathering of like-minded directors from around the world who believe in the cinema as a form of art. 40 independent filmmakers from more than 10 different countries are touring around Europe to screen their work at local cinemas (underground films/ narrative/experimental/documentary). It’s a combination of cinephilia, cultural education, travelling, exploration, networking and fun."