Friday, 13 November 2009

Imaginary score for a fictional soundtrack

Imaginary score for a fictional soundtrack

2012: The machinery now exists to have the audience score a film live, creating an instant symphony from the movement of hundreds of eyes.

- If you aren’t watching properly, your optical bum notes will ruin it for everyone.

- One agitator closes his eyes, interprets a new movie in his mind’s eye from the dialogue and sounds. He traces the new images on his eyelids to create a curious counterpoint.

- But two copyright cops happen to be sitting behind him. They hold a kangaroo litigation.

- Sued for stealing the "narrative algorithm" of the film, the proof is in his head: they substitute the original values back in and retranslate the new movie back to the one on-screen.

(Whilst the audience jeer him for complicating their original soundtrack.)

- Copyright criminal! His eyeballs his weapon, he is betrayed by his own neurons!!

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