Thursday, 11 November 2010

Institute's company anthem receives prime-time television coverage

As followers of this blog will know, each morning the employees of L'Institute Zoom gather to sing our company anthem - Zoom by Fat Larry's Band. Although the song fell out of the charts some years ago, it seems the opening up of our working processes for public scrutiny at the Institute's temporary Universal Ear Studios complex over the summer has drawn attention back to the R&B classic, as it was recently selected for performance by one of ITV's talented X-Factor participants.

Elitists among the Institute's staff have discouraged me from sharing the video, but X-Factor is a family show with high production values which, whilst I consider it a little racy for viewing by my own offspring, is nothing to sneer at. And just look at Simon Cowell's displeased face! Priceless. My only reservation is the alteration of the lyrics from "sunrise shine in a midnight sky" to "sunrise shine in a morning sky", apparently just so that it makes sense.

Thanks to Nexus Steph for the tip-off.

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