Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Epizoda ? in a virtual Mayfield

Our daft orphan episode of an unfound cop show Epizoda ? is playing as part of Slow Film Festival's online retrospective for 24 hours, until noon tomorrow. The film originally played as part of Mr Cole's exhibition/sideshow during the 2018 edition of this splendid event. Anyway, hurry! The clock is already ticking!

If it doesn't work, you've missed the SFF boat - but a standard web search should find you an alternative viewing platform.

"Mr Graeme Cole has cornered the cardboard market of sublime lo-fi effulgence: his films are forever falling apart. And as they crumble so do the conventions and aspirations of all of the rest of cinema. Epizoda ? (please observe that untethered question mark) is as destructive as the rest of his oeuvre."

1 comment:

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