Monday, 3 May 2010

Open auditions for role of the Real Nola Luna

The production of the UNIVERSAL EAR adventure serial starts tomorrow, with our Lumpenbal launch night at Nexus Art Cafe on Thursday...

The regular lead roles of HARLEY BYRNE (hero), BEING (nemesis) and SANTIAGO BYRNE (pest/donor) have been cast, but in the weeks ahead we will be holding open auditions for guest roles and cameos.

The first audition will be this WEDNESDAY 5th May, when female actors are invited to drop into the Nexus Art Cafe studio between midday-5pm to read for the role of THE REAL NOLA LUNA in our first episode "A Flea Orchestra In Your Ear". Filming will take place this Friday, 7th May during the day.

The Real Nola Luna, a 19th century Romanian inventor, is locked in a cupboard by the Fake Nola Luna for most of the episode, but is finally rescued by Harley Byrne. They have a brief love affair before Harley realises that she, too, is a fraud in her own way...

You are welcome to just arrive at the studio, or if you would like to email ahead to book a time and receive a script, please contact the director Graeme Cole at graeme [at] The script will also be posted in the cafe foyer later today.

We are also looking for actors (M/F) to workshop with our leading man Stewart Lockwood in rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) between 12-1pm and 3-5pm. This is not a screen role but a series of exercises ahead of the shoot; if you're at a loose end and want a hands-on introduction to our open set production, please drop in...

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  1. 1. In the year 2012, Harley Byrne and Francis Dove created an adventure serial named UNIVERSAL EAR.
    2. In the year 2010, our production company L'Institute Zoom have a machine called the 2D Quantum Propaganda Engine which we use to dredge back clues about what UNIVERSAL EAR was like.
    3. L'Institute Zoom have been turfed out of our usual premises so, throughout May, we will be using Nexus Art Cafe as a film studio - with an open door policy (all are welcome to come and watch and/or participate).
    4. We will be using the clues mentioned above in point 2 to film a new version of UNIVERSAL EAR, in the spirit of the 2012 original.