Monday, 3 May 2010


Evening: I meet Lockwood and his sister, having personally invited the latter along to keep the former's self-esteem in check. I introduce them to our temporary studio at Nexus, and they are discreet enough to keep their excitement in proportion to the dimensions of the space (two rooms at each approximately 18ft by 10ft, by 8ft 3 inches high). I draw comparisons with Hollywood's (unrelated) Universal Studios, and Lockwood's sister notes that indeed the carpet on the walls is green and might be used for some of that green-screen stuff you see in "Making Of" documentaries. Mental note: as we're shooting on Super-8, could we align the grain of the film to cancel out inconsistencies in the weave of the carpet?

Later, we attempt a video conference with the Institute's house band, who are due to perform at our launch night on Thursday 6th. During the conference, it becomes clear that they are in fact in the same room as us behind a giant fake monitor made of cellophane. This is just the first of several suspicious circumstances leading up to their last minute cancellation ahead of the Lumpenbal.

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