Wednesday, 6 September 2017


The cameras rolled today on the production of audiovideo material supplementary to the primary project: the documentation of the Stuff. 

If we're not getting as much time as I'd like to thoroughly examine the medium of virtual reality, the prevalence of which is a pervading thematic motif of the forthcoming UNIVERSAL EAR episode, we at least know enough to recognize that it makes sense to thoroughly document the image and sound of each material and tool with which the episode is going to made so that, should the film not reach completion, or should it become lost or cursed, we can insert the archived material-and-tool objects into a virtual environment and remake the whole thing in an imaginary studio made of View-Master-sized electronic light slabs. 

Meanwhile, our 'Tangibles' unit creates torture instruments and tombstones out of cardboard. As Decerle remarks, on trying out a cardboard tomb for size (though it'll have to fit Lockwood, beard and all, in a couple of weeks time) -- "it's cool to be dead". It's been a tiring day.

This chain tells a story. And that story is called The Chair Wars.

A Yuan-shaped torture innovation.

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