Saturday, 9 September 2017


Another day of auditions, so it is mostly to be described with the talent's show and tell items (below). Sadly one chap dropped out because he saw A Flea Orchestra In Your Ear and didn't like it. It makes me wonder how many potential auditionees we're losing out to the forthcoming Star Wars production. A second chap arrived to read the English-language script, but left before we got to meet as he had thought it would later be translated into French. No way, André! 

Well, it turns out our lost actor is part of the society that protects the French language from the insidious Franglish of villains like us. Of course, cultural imperialism is the sinewy meat of UNIVERSAL EAR's thematic soup, and even when Harley Byrne travels two million years back in time to converse with the homo habilis, everyone speaks 2012-era Mancunian (more or less) without the question ever being raised.

Later in the afternoon, we got to meet Nina Queissner - who will hopefully be our sound recordist - for the first time, over a beer and a discussion about the immateriality (or otherwise) of sound and music and how to pirate a sound sculpture that exists only within a unique architectural space. Santé!

Here are today's show-and-tell items in full:
  • A case of colouring pencils
  • A flopsy-wopsy bunny rabbit toy
  • A vintage pharmaceutical pestle and mortar
  • An enchanted notebook of sketches, ideas and poems
  • An Iain Banks novel
  • A Nintendo Switch controller
  • A lifelong-held copy of Le Grand Meaulnes
  • A copy of the Hitchcock/Truffaut interviews (brought by a 13yo who reads the relevant interview before seeing each movie!)
  • A security yo-yo.

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